Stockoji Photo Upload Guidelines: How to Contribute

Hello and welcome to Stockoji! We’re so happy you’re here.

Stockoji is a free, open community for photographers to share their work with the world. Millions of users from all over the world are searching for diversified and localized content for their creative projects.

You can upload anything you want in Stockoji except for a few which we have covered below. This guide will answer all your questions about uploading requirements and explain what it takes for images to get included in Stockoji search results. 

Photo Upload Guidelines

Our curation team selects the best uploads to be included in Stockoji search results, meaning that more people will be able to find and make use of that content. The below are some reasons your upload may not be selected to be shown in search results:

Basic Reasons

  • Copyright issue (you uploaded photos or videos that you do not own the copyright to or that you did not create yourself)
  • Insufficient permission (depicted people or owners of depicted property did not give you the permission to publish the photos or videos)
  • Duplicates (you upload copies of photos you already uploaded to Stockoji)
  • Graphic violence, gore, or nudity
  • Offensive content

Technical Reasons

  • Unclear photo (blurry, unfocused, or ambiguous)
  • Low resolution (4 megapixel minimum)
  • Overexposed or underexposed (too dark or too bright)
  • Orientation (image is sideways or mis-aligned)
  • File size exceeds 15MB

Usage Reasons

  • Non-photos (flyers, banners, computer renderings, 3D models, etc.)
  • Over-edited (HDR, extreme saturation or vignetting, etc.)
  • Added graphic or text overlays
  • Added borders
  • Watermarks